Todays Bitcoin Rates in Pakistan
  • Bitcoin Price
    17030.7 U$D
    1839315.6 RS
  • BTCPK Buying Rate
    1703070 RS
  • BTCPK Selling Rate
    1873377 RS

Last Updated at: 15-12-2017 (Fri) 13:23:35
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BITCOIN PAKISTAN is the oldest and most trusted Bitcoin and Alt Coin exchange in Pakistan.

We are serving our valuable customers since 2015. With our head offices based in Islamabad we are ready to take any volume and amount of trade. For fast, reliable and hassle free service please contact us.Our One Stop service to buy and sell Bitcoins (BTC) and other AltCoins in Pakistan is rated top among Bitcoin users and other blockchain enthusiasts.
Our customer service operates 9:00 a.m PST - 9:00 p.m PST. Our customer service speaks both English and Urdu fluently.

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Please use BTCPK.NET trade portal to make Trade requests to buy and sell Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and Other Alt Crypto-Coins in Pakistan.

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Important Legal Notice Please Read (For Pakistan): BTCPK.NET is not a "crypto coin marketplace" or "Financial Currency exchange service". We do not deal or consider crypto-coins as a Financial asset. values Blockchain hash codes (CRYPTO COINS) as a commodity and as company we endeavor to provide safe, secure and trust worthy services for sale and purchase of these crypto-coins on our Pre-determined rate.

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With more than 3 years in trade BTCPK.NET is the oldest and the most Trusted Crypto-Coin service providers in Pakistan.

Yes, We do not run automated panels and bot services for transfers and trades like other companies. Our clients get premium customer service where each trade is handled with trust, security and care to our clients satisfaction. Our customer service is based in Pakistan and speaks all major local language of Pakistan. DOES NOT trade in Crypto currencies as Financial Assets. How ever due to volatile and confusing nature of laws surrounding Crypto-coins and their Legal status in different countries around the world and Pakistan we at BTCPK choose to follow a simple KYC policy as per our rules of business. This helps us protect our and our clients business interests legally if ever required in court of law.

BITCOIN Pakistan Tools

Important Please Read (For Pakistan): BTCPK.NET provides these bitcoin tools for our clients in Pakistan Free.

Valid Address Checker

Check Valid Bitcoin Address

Balance Checker

Check to see how much bitcoin is in a valid address.

Total Received

Check the total amount of bitcoin that an address has received.

Total Sent

Check the total amount of bitcoin that an address has sent.

Address to hash

Convert a valid bitcoin address into a hash 160.

Hash to address

Convert a hash 160 into a valid bitcoin address


BTCPK.NET provides this bitcoin mining information for our clients in Pakistan.

Bitcoin in circulation


Total bitcoin value

$ 285,137,124,886

Total blocks mined


Reward per block


Mining Difficulty


Hash Rate


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