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Cryptocurrency Price in Pakistan
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Cryptocurrency Price in Pakistan

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These Prices are for Informative purpose Only. BTCPK follows prohibition rules as set by STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN via Circular No. 03 of 2018.

Click on Coin to find more details. Prices and Charts are updated once every 15 minutes.
Cryptocurrency Price arrow_drop_down 24h % Change 24h Low 24h High
1 XSwap price in Pakistan. XSwap PKRs0.02 1,569.01% PKRs0.000008 PKRs0.0002
2 Crypto Price Index price in Pakistan. Crypto Price Index PKRs456.16 914.14% PKRs0.29 PKRs8.92
3 TittieCoin price in Pakistan. TittieCoin PKRs2.42 674.51% PKRs0.0018 PKRs0.02
4 Goat price in Pakistan. Goat PKRs2.59 377.22% PKRs0.0021 PKRs0.02
5 Crystal Token price in Pakistan. Crystal Token PKRs11.63 356.26% PKRs0.01 PKRs0.08
6 TrackNetToken price in Pakistan. TrackNetToken PKRs6.82 319.85% PKRs0.0089 PKRs0.07
7 Medicalchain price in Pakistan. Medicalchain PKRs6.82 318.12% PKRs0.0091 PKRs0.07
8 PAXEX price in Pakistan. PAXEX PKRs0.26 257.43% PKRs0.0004 PKRs0.0018
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