Ordering Process (Trade System) - 8 Step Guide

Step 1:

Go to Make Order and Create new Order.

Step 2 : 

Choose relevant Department (Sales) / Services (Sale or Purchase )/ Details (Amount etc )

Step 3:
BTCPK will contact you with relevant details. Based on your order you will receive and Estimate.

Step 4: 
If BTCPK Estimate is accepted an Exchange will be created IN SYSTEM FOR YOU.

Step 5: 
Based on  your Order details an Invoice will be generated with *time limitation* (average 6 hrs.) - to be paid by you.

Step 6: 
Once you have Paid the invoice and attached the proof of payment to Order by uploading/email/watsapp  image or screenshot. Your order will be confirmed as payed.

Step 7:
BTCPK will deliver your coins to your nominated address. You can monitor the progress of order any time.

Step 8: 
Once coins have been delivered order will be marked as complete by BTCPK.

*You can always open new discussion about tasks, progress or any other issue that affects your order.

Our customer service tends to answer all querries with in 12 hrs.

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