Frequently asked questions is the oldest and most trusted Bitcoin and Alt Coin exchange in Pakistan.

We are serving our valuable customers since 2015. With our head offices based in Islamabad we are ready to take any volume and amount of trade. For fast, reliable and hassle free service please contact us.Our One Stop service to Online Voucher Codes in Pakistan is rated top among users and other technology enthusiasts.

Our customer service operates 9:00 a.m PST - 9:00 p.m PST. Our customer service speaks both English and Urdu fluently.
Its depends on current pending orders Que, most of the orders are completed with in 3 -12 hours after Payment Confirmation for Our Verified Customer. In some cases may take 72+ hours due to Anti Money Laundering check and other verification.

On Saturday and Sunday due to bank closure orders may take little longer in processing.
Yes our service is fully legal and secure, we are dealing with Banking partners and with online payment processors as a facilitator only. Both banks and payment processors are legally registered and authorized in Pakistan. BTCPK.NET does not offer or issue its own virtual electronic currency, financial or transfer service. We are not a financial service providers and do not offer any Investment advice.
No, we are not affiliate or linked with any kind of website or individual person, we just offer BTC Purchase and Sale services in Pakistan for legal payment processor companies and users in Pakistan.
At the moment we are dealing in FLEXIPIN VOUCHERS only to our valuable customers in Pakistan. for more information on how to order these please visit BTCPK EXCHANGER
Creating account on is easy, when you submit buy or sell order we send you automatically generated password, so you can login with your Email and Password.

Optionally you can also register with us using your Email and it will take just few seconds. You can register here at
Minimum amount for Order is 50,000 PKR. (Fifty Thousand Rs)
Receiving late is better then never receiving, agree ?. For security reasons and to protect ourselves and our valuable customers from fraud and theft, all our orders are processed manually by BTCPK.NET staff.
Ordering process have 3 easy steps,
1.First fill the order form, give us your information and e-currency details which you want to order and your wallet address where you want to receive,
2.Send payment to us manually using bank account transfer or visiting us in branch for Cash in hand.
3.Now its our turn to verify your order and transfer you funds in your wallet/purse.


** Our Verified customers ( Customers who have verified their documents / Signed their wallets and have active trading history ) usually get their coins in 8 - 12 hrs. For new customers or limited transactions it may take up to 72 hrs.
In terms of law, Money laundering is the act of converting money or other monetary instruments from illegal activity into money or investments that appear to be legitimate so its illegal source cannot be traced.

Anti-money laundering (AML) incorporates a complex of measures aimed at prevention of use of the financial system of the country or any specific financial institution for money laundering or terrorist financing. Such measures and instruments are worked out and implemented by international and national institutions, banking and business community. BTCPK.NET strictly verifys that all incoming or outgoing payments are legal and for the purpose of business that is regulated by Government of Pakistan. We collects identification data of every Client, as well as IP addresses, online activity,.

BTCPK.NET is required to verify your identity and address. We also keep full records and monitor any unusual or suspicious transactions of any size. This includes, but not limited to, transactions that do not make economic sense, unexplained large transactions, investments related transactions of unclear nature.

We also reserve the right to ask purpose of the transaction where applicable.

BTCPK.NET reserves the right to refuse to process a transaction at any stage, when we believe that the transaction is associated with money laundering or other criminal activity.